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Cisco 861 DHCP Issues

I installed a Cisco 861 Router into a small business that has about 40 clients about 2 weeks ago. The router worked perfectly for about 4 days. Then I got a call saying that nobody could get on the internet. All the PCs were set up to pull DHCP. I hooked up my laptop and found it was pulling a good address, subnet, and gateway though for the DNS; the router was handing out it's own IP address instead of the ISPs DNS addresses. I could put in a static address along with the correct DNS servers and get out to the internet perfectly. (Ended up setting up everyone static, which really sucked.) Though, they need DHCP for laptops. I made sure that the DNS servers were set in the DHCP pool, though it refuses to hand them out. I even Restored to Factory Default and set everything up fresh, with no luck...... Not sure what to do next... Maybe a flash update? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Cisco 861 DHCP Issues

Is the wan interface getting info via dhcp?  I assume so.

Are you using the "import all" configuration under the dhcp pool as explained here?

This should copy all of the parameters learned via the wan dhcp (like dns server) and give it to the clients.

You can use the "show ip dhcp import" to see what those parameters are.  Anything configured manually in the dhcp pool config will override the imported information.

Another option is to add "dns-server" under the dhcp pool to manually configure the address being handed out.

Hope that helps,


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Re: Cisco 861 DHCP Issues

The WAN interface is receiving info via DHCP. I do not have the import all option turned on. I will try that. I did have a couple dns servers added under the dhcp-pool though it was refusing to hand them out to client PCs for whatever reason. Thanks for your help!! I will update the post if it works or doesn't work.


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