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Cisco 881 DNS server

Hi, I configured my cisco 881 router as a DNS server with the following command

ip name-server x.x.x.x

ip name-server y.y.y.y

ip dns server

I read the following post somewhere:

Handling of multiple name servers is unreliable: Cisco IOS does not adapt to the availability of the name servers; it always starts the querying process with the first name-server specified. If the client resends the DNS query too soon (using the same query ID), the router even fails to switch over to the second name-server.

Configuration of multiple name servers is hard in environments where the router is a DHCP client. Sometimes one of the specified name servers is ignored, more so if they are specified in a single configuration command. Changing the name server configuration is a lottery, the only reliable way to change them is to issue the no ip name-server command first and then reenter the name server address.

I want to know if the router will always forward dns request to the second name-server entry if the first one doesn't respond?

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