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Cisco 888 DSL Router and 3560

I have a cisco 888 DSL router hooked up to a cisco 3560 switch.  I can see the router from the switch as a neighbor but cant ping it.




Entry address(es):
  IP address:
Platform: Cisco 888,  Capabilities: Router Switch IGMP
Interface: GigabitEthernet0/1,  Port ID (outgoing port): FastEthernet0
Holdtime : 127 sec

Version :
Cisco IOS Software, C880 Software (C880DATA-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.0(1)M2, R
Technical Support:
Copyright (c) 1986-2010 by Cisco Systems, Inc.
Compiled Thu 11-Mar-10 04:21 by prod_rel_team

advertisement version: 2
VTP Management Domain: ''
Native VLAN: 109
Duplex: full
Power Available TLV:


The switch port that it is plugged into is set as vlan 109.  The IP address of the switch is in vlan 108 


I tried trunking the port and didnt make a difference.  I created a svi on the switch that was on the same subnet and that didnt make a difference.







  1 5 msec 0 msec 5 msec

 2 ********


241 is a router that knows about both vlans dot1q trunking enabled.


Any thoughts suggestions?







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AndrewYour setup is a bit


Your setup is a bit confusing ie. -

1) you have a switch connected to your router but then you say there is another router which is doing trunking for both vlans so why have you also connected the switch to your 888 router ?

2) the traceroute uses an IP of but that is neither the 888 nor the switch IP so what device is it ?

Can you explain the setup and clarify which device (3560, 888, other router)  is meant to be doing what in terms of routing vlans etc.


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Sorry, I put the wrong trace

Sorry, I put the wrong trace in.  That is what happens to the 238 address.


The setup goes like this:


Router>>>>>>>Switch>>>>>888 acting as a CO>>>>>>>888 as CPE.



Router has and>>>>>Switch address is>>>>> CO plugged into switch vlan 109


I cant ping from anything.  Even put the an SVI on the switch in the 109 subnet and coulndnt get to it.  



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Sorry, I put the wrong trace


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