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Cisco ACE 4710-01


I am trying to create a probe for a port mapping of ports 42511 & 42512

I first tried to create 2 tcp probes

- tcp 42511

- tcp 42512

I don't think that it was configured correctly, because when I go under the serverfarm command and try to confgiure probe the only options i have are the following:

Probe ftp

Probe http

The questions I have are the following:

- can the ace support tcp ports 42511 - 42512? If so How?

- what are the commands to configure the device to be able to map ports 42511/4251?

- How do I get the tcp probes to show up under the probe options?

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Re: Cisco ACE 4710-01

Any tcp port number (1 to 65535) can be used for a probe. Did you create the probe following the syntax shown in the ACE documentation? If you do, you should end up with a script looking something like this:

probe tcp TCP_42511_PROBE

  port 42511

  interval 5

  faildetect 2

  passdetect interval 30

Once you have that in your script, you can apply the defined probe to the rserver(s) defined in a serverfarm script section. Something like:

serverfarm host [your_host_name]

  description [serverfarm_desc]

  predictor leastconns

  rserver [serverfarm_rserver_1]

    probe TCP_42511_PROBE


  rserver [serverfarm_rserver_2, etc]

    probe TCP_42511_PROBE


Of course your interval parameters, predictor method etc. may vary.

In general, you will get better responses for ACE-related questions in the Application Networking forum in the Data Center section of CSC.

Hope this helps.

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