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Cisco bandwidth throttling

I need to be able to control the through put on an interface by sub-interfaces.  Here is the situation:

Fa0/0 - Outside interface (DHCP client from ISP)

Fa0/1 - Inside interface to vlan'd switch

Fa0/1.1 - VLAN1 for VIP users (no throttling, DHCP Pool

Fa0/1.2 - VLAN2 for non-VIP users (throttling enabled, DHCP Pool


If there is traffic from both VLANs at the same time, VLAN2 must be throttled down to 25%.  If there is no VLAN1 traffic then VLAN2 can enjoy full speed until the VIP users need it.


Question 1: What Cisco Router model can support this?

Question 2: What programming is need to accomplish this?


Thanks for the help...


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You will need a Branch router

You will need a Branch router but depends what is the capacity vs number users


The features to achieve your requirements are:

Even the lowest models do subinterfaces, DHCP, NAT and filtering
QoS with LLQ

The rigth model depends how many users and the capacity you will need for the next 2/3 years. Probably you will need a switch as well

Hello.I guess you are talking


I guess you are talking about limiting Internet traffic to VLAN2, if VLAN1 needs more bandwidth.

If so, then you need some solution to apply QoS on inbound traffic. None of Cisco branch routers has this functionality (but you could try sustitute it with some available feature).

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Gents....I was reading this


I was reading this post:


It is close to what I need but they have an upper limit set of inbound traffic.  My traffic will change depending on the ISP that supplies it.


I know I need (and have a) switch for separating the VLANs.  As for user numbers...that will vary around 12-24 ish total.

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So I have a brand new 2901

So I have a brand new 2901 router and switch.  The vlans are configured but during the config of the router, the command "bandwidth" was not supported.  Any thoughts?

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