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Cisco Catalyst 3650, opened port tcp 16113 - how to disable


 Following a TCP scan port on our Catalyst 3650 from the Security team, we found port TCP 16113 is opened on our boxes.
 I found this is used by Network Mobility Services Protocol (NMSP) protocol; however, we don' t use it & want it disabled.

 I was not able to find on Cisco documentation how to remove this service & close this TCP port.
 We use 3.3.3 IOS-XE train.

Thanks in advance


I haven't found any

I haven't found any information on shutting this down directly, but you can potentially use control plane policing to drop packets destined to this port.

class-map match-all CM_NMSP
 match access-group name ACL_NMSP
policy-map PM_CoPP
 class CM_NMSP
ip access-list extended ACL_NMSP
 permit tcp any any eq 16113
 service-policy input PM_CoPP
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HI Jody thanks for your

HI Jody

 thanks for your interest & your answer.
 Control-Plane policy is a good idea, unfortunately, the CoPP configuration is limited on Calyst 3650 (we can't just police on pre-defined classes)

 It seems the only think we can do it to disable NMSP replies on an interface basis (nmsp attachment suppress on the interface); the port will still appear open on that interface, but the switch should not reply to NMSP messages.

 Another solution would be to put ACL on every interfaces, but this will be hard to maintain.







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We also had this problem, but

We also had this problem, but in the newer versions you can disable it easily with no nmsp enable. It seems like this makes an ACL for e.g. the vlan, but it helped us a lot. It was important for us to make this port not accessible. We use now 03.06.03.

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As was already mentioned you

As was already mentioned you have to do upgrade to have the ability to turn that off. I know it works in 3.6.3

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