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Cisco Catalyst C2960 series "configure policy" like problem

Hello everyone

I have a little bit strange problem and I do not know if it has a solution. In my lab network I have a 48 rj-45 port cisco catalyst c2960 series switch. My computer is connected to the fa 0/1. A server which has multiple vlan interfaces whose ip subnets are seperated is connected to fa 0/2. For monitoring reasons I have to reach server processes from my computer. Process 2 is in subnet2 and subnet 2 is tagged as vlan2 and Process 3 is in subnet3 and subnet 3 is tagged as vlan3. When I configure switch ports as trunk port and give my computer either subnet 2 or subnet 3 ip I cannot ping server process. I do know this problem is because computer cannot send packets with vlan tags. Is there a way that I can tell the switch that look to ip of port fa 0/1 packets and tag them? I know catalyst series are aware of subnets; I can give subnet ips to vlans but switch did not passed untagged packets even I assign subnet ips to vlan 2 and 3 in switch. Now I am configuring fa 0/3 and fa0/4 as access ports and change my cable when I want to reach the other process to tackle this problem. I do not know whether this problem has a solution. Thanks for help, thank you!

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