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Cisco CATOS 4006

My co-worker and I are trying to find out what switchports are associated with vlans on this old CATOS.  The problem is we do not know how to get into the blades.  There is no console opening for the blades with the ports on them.  We can console into the Cisco 4006 and get the running config from that but it does not list the specific ports on the blades.  Is there a way to find out what ports are associated with the VLANs on those blades?  There has to be a way because they were initially configured for VLANs. 

To clarify my point imagine if you got into a switch and could not configure any of the blades or see the running config, that's whats going on here.  If we did a show run it would show fa1/x  - fa1/x  but nothing in the fa2/x range.  Any information would be helpful, thanks.

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Cisco CATOS 4006


Please try checking config with "show conf" or "show conf X" where X is the mod number.

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Re: Cisco CATOS 4006

  If you can actually get into the 4006 just do a show port  command , this should list all ports and what vlan they are in . You have to be in enable mode I think .  There is no console other than on the supervisor itself and you config and look at everything from there.  To get all the config for switch you must use the "show config all" command otherwise you will just get the parameters that have been changed from the default .

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