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Cisco Config Professional - Some questions

Hi all,

I am using CCP to (hopefully) configure some 891W routers where by each router is the internet gateway for a branch office, with one of them being the gateway at the head office.  My goal is to set them up as typical Internet gateways, that is, having afirewall, IPS, NAT to allow the internal network to get online etc., plus to do some port forwarding for services like RDP to a server.  However I also need to implement site to site VPN's in a hub/spoke config (head office as the center, the branch offices each connected into the head office). 

So my questions are these:

1.  Can the Site to Site VPN feature within CCP ultimately result in a VPN setup where there are a handlful of branch offices all connected itno head office?  When configuring VPN on the head office router in CCP, it asks for the IP address on the other end.  This tells me it's a one to one relationship.  Does that mean I'd create one VPN tunnel for each office pair?  Thus resulting in say, 6 VPN's created on the head offie router? 

2.  Does it matter when the firewall and NAT wizards are run?  Example, I do a basic router setup, configuring say, a non-default SSH port.  When I run the firewall wizard, will it recognize my custom settings or will it just slap a defalt set of policies on there?  So the question being, is the firewall wizard smart enough to take your existing config and modify policies accordingly.  Same question for NAT as it changes the firewall a lot too. 

Thank you very much. 

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