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Cisco DCNM 6.2(5) & Nexus 3524 - Unsupported Device

I'm trying to connect to our Cisco Nexus 3524 switches running NX-OS 6.0(2)A1(1d) from DCNM (datacenter network manager) 6.2(5). When I connect though I am receiving an error stating: Unsupported device (sysObjectID =

I can SSH and ping the management IP so I do have connectivity. I believe there is a newer version of DCNM available on cisco's website (version 7) however because our support contract hasn't been ordered yet I can't download it! So I'm stuck with the software that came on the original install CD. 

Is this a known issue? How can we work around?

New Member

Cisco support was able to

Cisco support was able to provide me with a one time download link for DCNM 6.3(2) and the error still persists there. So maybe this isn't an issue of using old software but something else.

In the device name field I'm putting the IP of our network switch. Is that what we're supposed to use or is that expecting something else?


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Brad,Did you ever find a


Did you ever find a resolution to this issue?  I'm having the same issue with our 3524 and DCNM 6.3(2)

Cisco Employee

Hi Brad,I believe there was

Hi Brad,

I believe there was some conflicting documentation out there concerning N3524's compatibility with DCNM.  The DCNM 6.3.2 release notes do not list the Nexus 3524:

As of 7.1.1 the Nexus 3524 was not supported, 7.1.2 recently released, but I have not yet tested if the N3524 is supported.


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