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Cisco formatted PCMCIA Linear Flash (20Mb INTEL S2E20SW)

I bought a 20MB PCMCIA Linear Flash card to use with Cisco R&S (3600, 4500, 5500, 6500 etc). I'd like to be able to copy files from my laptop directly on to the PCMCIA card and then just use it in the Routers and Switches, rather than TFTPing of images.

I can format the card and use it with Cisco devices no problem, but when I stick it into my Laptop (WinXP) it pops up asking for a driver for INTEL S2E20SW. Windows XP cannot find the driver. I tried setting it up manually as PCMCIA Centenial Technology PCMCIA Memory card. That worked, but all I get is a drive letter that cannot be accessed. Linux does not see at as well :(

Does anyone know how to access Cisco formatted Flash devices in Windows? In theory, even if I get the driver to work, Windows will not be able to read the RAW partition. I think it only reads FAT, FAT32 and NTFS. Let me know if anyone tried working with cisco flash cards (older File Systems, non-FAT) in Windows or Linux. Thanks.


Re: Cisco formatted PCMCIA Linear Flash (20Mb INTEL S2E20SW)

Cisco has multiple filesystems for their flash devices, all of which require an MTD capable driver to operate the things.

I am not aware of any software available in Windows that supports this, however there is some software available for Linux (Cisco Flash Filesystem Tool) that fully supports the Class B file system, and partially supports the class A file system. Its still in alpha development so dont be suprised if its buggy.

Now your next problem is going to be moving that PCMCIA card between devices. Cisco use 3 different types of flash file systems, class a, class b and class c. So for example, a 5500RSM or 7500 RSP requires a class a formatted file system, where as the 6500 supervisors require a class c formatted file system.

You can refer to the file system compatability matrix for more information and a break down of what the differences are, what uses what etc.

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Re: Cisco formatted PCMCIA Linear Flash (20Mb INTEL S2E20SW)

Thanks Nikolas!

I will try this Cisco Flash Filesystem Tool on linux and will let you know how it goes!

I'll be happy if I can get to the flash card on my laptop. Sometimes I urgently need put an image or a big config on a router or a switch, but cannot TFTP for one reason or another. If I can move the file from my laptop to a cisco device using the flash card, it will save me hours of time that XModem trasfer would take at 9600bps!

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