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Cisco IOS: Can't access forwarded ports on local network

Hi all.

I have an 1811 router running IOS c181x-advipservicesk9-m 12.4(9)T5. I have a cable modem connected to Fa0 and computers connected to ports Fa2-9 (switch ports). I forwarded port 80 to my HTTP server. I can't connect to it through my WAN IP address from my local network. However, I can connect to it if I'm at a remote network.

I'm assuming this is the correct command (I have a DHCP IP address from my ISP, so I can't use a static address):
ip nat inside source static tcp 80 interface FastEthernet0 80

If I nmap scan my WAN IP (pretend it's from a computer connected to the 1811:
nmap -p 80
80/tcp closed http

However, if I go into my VPS (hosted far away, not on my network):
nmap -p 80
80/tcp open http

To make sure it wasn't something with nmap, I also tried telnetting to port 80 (telnet 80) on a local computer and again on my VPS. I can't connect to it on a local computer, but I can connect from the VPS.

Why can't I access port 80 when I'm on my local network? Could someome shed some light on this strange issue?

Any help is appreciated.

Hi , I can't connect to it

Hi ,

 I can't connect to it through my WAN IP address from my local network - Yes you cant connect using WAN IP address from your local LAN , because your NAT statement takes into action only for the traffic originating from outside to inside traffic , not for IP traffic originating inside to inside .

when you try accessing your WAN IP address from your local segment , during this time you are trying to take HTTP service from your router , not from your server . Because your NAT action does not comes into place . 

Since router doesnt have HTTP service . IT drop the connection 

Below is reset message from router 

1. The requesting port or connection does not exist on this device. TCP sends back a RST+ACK and drops the segment.


Router#show running-config 
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 752 bytes
version 15.1
no service timestamps log datetime msec
no service timestamps debug datetime msec
interface GigabitEthernet0/0
 ip address
 ip nat inside
 duplex auto
 speed auto
interface GigabitEthernet0/1
 ip address dhcp
 ip nat outside
 duplex auto
 speed auto
interface Vlan1
 no ip address

ip nat inside source static tcp 80 80 
ip classless

Router#show ip nat translations 
Pro  Inside global     Inside local       Outside local      Outside global
tcp       ---                ---


You need to access only via real IP Address not with NAT IP Address





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Hi Sandy. Thanks for your

Hi Sandy. Thanks for your response. I understand that I can connect to my local server ( on port 80, but I need to be able to connect via the WAN IP address (IIS web server uses virtual hosts). I believe this is called hairpinning ( When I do port forwarding on cheap Linksys residential routers, I'm able to connect to the port via the WAN IP, so I'd be surprised if a Cisco IOS router can't do it.

Hi , Cisco IOS router doesnt

Hi ,

 Cisco IOS router doesnt support Hair Pinning . 




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I understnad. Thanks for your

I understnad. Thanks for your help.
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