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Cisco Nexus AAA authentication and console access

We have nexus 7k with AAA authentication working now i have an issue i can't login using console port because my logins are rejected.Is there anyway we can login into console with local login details or we have to use ACS server (AAA) logins when connected to console (while ACS server is still reachable).


My main question is i want to login using console port while ACS server is still reachable is it possible?






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Can you try adding this

Can you try adding this command and test?

aaa authentication login console group local


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Perhaps I am not

Perhaps I am not understanding some parts of the original post and if so I would appreciate clarification of what I missed. But it seems to me that the main question in the original post is whether the original poster would be able to login on the console. And it seems to me that the high level answer is that yes login to the console should be possible. The details of how that would work are dependent on details of how the N7K is configured. If the original poster would provide some details of the configuration (especially all of the aaa authentication commands and the configuration of line con 0) we would be in a much better position to provide helpful answers.





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