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Cisco Processes 3750X

Hello all.

I have a switch that is running high cpu after 15.0.2.SE2 to 15.0.2.SE4 upgrade

was avg cpu of 33% now 70%

the cpu hogs are
CPU utilization for five seconds: 73%/1%; one minute: 69%; five minutes: 68%
PID Runtime(ms)     Invoked      uSecs   5Sec   1Min   5Min TTY Process
179      236129       27876       8470 19.67% 19.73% 19.21%   0 Hulc LED Process
  89      233064       53415       4363 18.39% 19.71% 19.34%   0 RedEarth I2C dri
  91      223120       26687       8360 17.11% 18.55% 18.10%   0 RedEarth Rx Mana

I would like to know what the proccesses do..  dose anyone have any direction / clue as  what the redearth proc are for

or where i maybe able to find the answers to my question..  Ive done a lot of googling and nothing shows up.

Hulc LED Process is a process responsible for link status detection.

Ive seen this question posted a few times and a few differnet ways but ive not seen any answers to the

question.  What are the processes responsible for ?

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Cisco Processes 3750X


Hulc LED Process uses 15-30% CPU on Catalyst 3560X/3750X platforms.


The is seen in 12.2(53)SE releases or later.


This is an expected behavior and there is no workaround.

Further Problem Description:

The "Hulc LED" process does following tasks:

- Check Link status on every port
- If the switch supports POE, it checks to see if there is a Power Device (PD) detected
- Check the status of the transceiver
- Update Fan status
- Set Main LED and ports LEDs
- Update both Power Supplies and RPS
- Check on system temperature status

I have not got a chance to do some testing on the 15.0.2.SE4 version yet hence not sure if you are hitting any bug as of now.

If you are comfortable i suggest you to downgrade the version to 12.2(55)SE7 which is more stable and recommended version for 3750 switches.




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