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cisco router 891 not connecting to the internet

We are in the process of switching to the cisco router 891 from a Linksys WRSV54G router. We have a  embarq 660 dsl modem. So in setting this new router up, we simply unplugged the Linksys router and plugged the new router in. I have ran the Cisco CP Express setup, and entered the settings that were on the Linksys router onto the new 891 router.

Basic Configuration: I entered our host and domain name as well as created the routers username and password. Then  I selected Cisco CP express

LAN IP Address: We entered the IP address that we wanted to use and entered the subnet mask of

DHCP: We want this router to assign IP address to our users and I entered the range of With the DNS being

WAN: this is where I entered the same exact information that the Linksys router contained for the service provider which is a a static IP.

After this was all setup, I released and renewed my ip address.

I am unsure as to why I still cannot connect to the Internet. I can connect to internal sites but no external. Any ideas, thank you


Re: cisco router 891 not connecting to the internet

Do you have a static IP that was given by the service provider or this is issued dynamically via DHCP?

If it is via DHCP you would need to configure it as such:

interface xxx

description Facing the ISP (the WAN)

ip address dhcp

I also think you might need to configure a static route out of your network:  xxx [xxx being the interface that you configured to get DHCP above].

cisco router 891 not connecting to the internet


Also you need to do basic NAT (global nat) on your Router with the public IP what you have.
Once the above is done.
You need to configure "ip nat outside" on the WAN interface and "ip nat inside" on the LAN interface.

Apart from this, it is better if you provide your router config to investigate further.

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