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Cisco Router PCMCIA memory compatibility

On some of the newer Cisco routers (2800, 3800, etc..) they come with a external PCMCIA memory card. Of course only a Cisco branded PCMCIA memory card will work, but I've heard there's a command to turn off the feature that will allow virtually any PCMCIA card. It's some kind of support command.

Just curious if any one knows of this?



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Re: Cisco Router PCMCIA memory compatibility

Hi Brandon,

I work for a retail company that extensively uses 2821 routers which also use PCMCIA flash cards. We were of the opinion, and told as much, that only Cisco certified cards could be used.

I dont know if there is a command to turn it on/off.

We have recently found out that other cards can be used as they are compatible for use. We use the Transcend cards from SanDisk and are in the process of upgrading the all of our routers from 128MB to 256MB.

So far, we have not had any problems with the new cards.

Best thing for you to do is to get your hands on a single card and try it out before deciding to purchase a bundle of the things.



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Re: Cisco Router PCMCIA memory compatibility

Hi Darren,

Thanks for your response. Very helpful insight you give.



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Re: Cisco Router PCMCIA memory compatibility

I have been using 3rd party CF memory for the 2690 (internal and external), 3700(internal and external), 2800, 3800, Sup32 and Sup720 since 2007. I have yet to see one failure.

Points to consider:

1. Maximum size is 2Gb for the newer appliance. 2690 and 3700 probably around 1Gb.

2. Format the CF first before you load anything in it.

Aside from the CF, I've also been using the USB for the 87x, 2800, 3800 routers. (USB support is not available for the Sup32 and Sup720.) The same points-to-consider as CF.

HOWEVER, you may boot from USB if you upgrade the ROMmon.

Hope this helps.

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