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Cisco router & split dns

Hi there,

Here's what i'm trying to achive :

I want to use my cisco router in order to forward queries that belong to to my dns server and everything else to the ISP's dns server. Has anyone ever configured something similar?

Thanx in advance


Re: Cisco router & split dns

I don't think you can do that on a router.  I think the usual way to do it is to forward all your DNS requests to your local DNS server, and then configure the local DNS server to refer to the ISP DNS server for addresses that are outside its scope.

Kevin Dorrell


New Member

Re: Cisco router & split dns


You can do it, the Split DNS doc on Cisco website isn't the most straightfoward I've ever seen.  It also doesn't give you a working example.  I managed to succeed with this, and have added an example config assuming you still need to get this working.  This was done on an 877W, with a split tunnel to PIX 515E.  Now passes DNS query to internal DNS servers via the Tunnel, and all other DNS queries to the ISP Public DNS servers.  Access list 101 is part of the inbound ACL assigned to the Dialer0 interface.



interface BVI1
ip dns view-group mycomp_viewlist

ip dns view  mycomp
domain name-server  192.168.1.x
domain name-server   192.168.1.x
dns forwarder 192.168.1.x
dns forwarder 192.168.1.x
dns forwarding source-interface BVI1
ip dns view default
domain  name-server  212.x.x.x
domain name-server  212.x.x.x
dns  forwarder 212.x.x.x
dns forwarder 212.x.x.x
dns forwarding  source-interface BVI1
ip dns view-list default
ip dns view-list  mycomp_viewlist
view mycomp 5
  restrict name-group 10
view  default 10
ip dns name-list 10 permit .*.mycomp.CO.UK
ip dns  server

access-list  101 permit udp host 212.x.x.x eq domain any gt 1023
access-list 101  permit udp host 212.x.x.x eq domain any gt 1023

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