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Cisco Secure ACS and ISDN Router

Hi all,

i would like to configre the 2811 router (12.4 IOS) which has ISDN ports to call out using information populated in ACS 4.0 so we dont have to configure the router when we get new customers (number to call, username, password, route etc)

i have found this following example from cisco but it seems a bit outdated

does anyone have this working, does anyone have any reasons why i should not do this

i have tried what they said, on the ACS side i got everything working (or at least i could do everything they suggested) but on the router side i dont have the "dialer aaa" option, the example is using a 2511 and i am using a 2811, should it be able to work, or could it be that i have the wrong software version installed on the router

any info is very welcome

thanks in advance

alex t

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