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Cisco Switch Port is down line protocol is down(notconnect)


Hi Everyone,


I have a Cisco 2960 switch ( WS-C2960-24TT) and around 10-12 ports are not functioning properly. It shows me like Fa 0/3 is down line protocol is down(notconnected) , even if the port is connected to laptop. If i unplug the cable and plug it to any working port it works. I already did shutdown then no shut but the problem remain the same.


Can anyone help me to sort this issue.




wr erase, and check logs care

wr erase, and check logs care fully, if boot up smoothly then u ports are lose, nothing else

i have same problem before




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  Reboot the switch , it will

  Reboot the switch , it will usually tell you if it sees a problem in POST  .  Do a sh test and see what it says and also check the logs .

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Could be just broken.  If so, time to RMA.

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Check for the speed and

Check for the speed and duplex setting on the non working ports.

should be a physical layer issue here.




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Naveen, I tried every



I tried every combination of speed/duplex but it not works. Same cable connected fine on working ports.

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Sounds to me like you could

Sounds to me like you could have bad hardware.  It could be a bad Ethernet controller.  Is it a range of ports or random?  I remember the 3550 48 port switch had 4 Ethernet controller that controlled 12 ports a piece.  Reload the device and see if there are any controller errors that pop up during POST.  

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