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Cisco to Brocade VDX

I know this is a Cisco forum, but I figured I'd ask nonetheless.  I have a connection problem with two VDX 6710 connect to two Cisco 6506 via a portchannel.  The connection is as such Cisco Core A --> VDX A   Cisco Core B --> VDX B.  In regards to spanning-tree the Cisco Core A is the root switch.  Also, the Cisco are the layer 3 of the vlans and their portchannels are configured as such


switchport mode trunk 

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q  


On the VDXs the interfaces of the portchannel are set as such


 fabric isl enable
 fabric trunk enable
 channel-group 25 mode active type standard
 lacp timeout long


The VDX portchannel itself is configured as such


 vlag ignore-split
 switchport mode trunk
 no switchport trunk tag native-vlan


The issue I have is that accessing the hosts behind the VDX is intermittent.  For instance, I can access a host from 1000-1020 but not from 1021-1041.  I havent identified a pattern in them being reachable and not reachable.  Any ideas on what may be causing this behavior?

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