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Cisco vPC and VSS


I want to know the failure scenrio if i have nexus 5k running vPC and cisco 6500 running VSS.

I will be creating one vPC domain and one portchannel between vPC and VSS.

Now if the vPC breaks what will be the affect on the traffic going to nexus.

does anyone has any clarity what will be affect of this.



Cisco vPC and VSS

You can equate the two 6500 running VSS to be one logical device. Therefore, the failover scenario of the vPC between VSS is the same as that between vPC and a single physical host.

If one link in the vPC breaks - you will see a failover just as you would with any other vPC.

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Cisco vPC and VSS

i am saying about the link of the vPC link,

if my vPC breaks that is the both the nexus switch become in active-active mode.

what will be scenario then.. how will VSS behave.

As for VSS device, 2 nexus 5K will also look like one device. if the vPC breaks then there is two logical device also.

will the port-channel consider 2 links or no links to nexus.

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Cisco vPC and VSS

Are you talking about what will happen if the peer link breaks?

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Cisco vPC and VSS


that corect, now the below switch see the nexus 5k as 1 single devices.

when vpc peer link breaks, they will see 2 nexus 5K.

what will have been to the vpc member port that is port channel to both nexus.

how will the traffic flow.

Re:Cisco vPC and VSS

The Nexus switch with the secondary role will shut down all it's vPC port channels as long as the keepalive link is still active as part of it's loop prevention mechanism. They will not go dual active unless the peer link and the keepalive both go down, in which case, you may have a loop. This is all invisible to upstream or downstream devices.


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