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Cisco VSS Dual Supervisor

Dear All,

Whether  Cisco IOS Release 12.2(33)SXH1 will support dual supervisor (per box) for VSS. please help  by providing the info. Release note is not providing much info.

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Re: Cisco VSS Dual Supervisor

Hello Pasad,

No. According to the following Q&A link (

Q. What are the  hardware and software requirements and restrictions for VSS?

Supervisor  Engine


Virtual Switching  Supervisor 720-10GE (VS-S720-10GE-3C and VS-S720-10GE-3CXL)


Note: Initial release  supports a single supervisor engine per virtual switch member  (or chassis). This restriction will be removed in a future software  release.

The current VSS is currently as follows (

A VSS operates stateful switchover (SSO) between the active and standby  supervisor engines. Compared to standalone mode, a VSS has the following  important differences in its redundancy model:


•The active and standby supervisor  engines are hosted in separate chassis and use the VSL to exchange  information.

•The active supervisor engine controls  both chassis of the VSS. The active supervisor engine runs the Layer 2  and Layer 3 control protocols and manages the switching modules on both  chassis.

•The active and standby chassis both  perform data traffic forwarding.

If the active supervisor engine fails, the standby supervisor engine  initiates a switchover and assumes the active role.


Kind regards.


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Re: Cisco VSS Dual Supervisor

That was almost year ago...

What about now?

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Re: Cisco VSS Dual Supervisor

SXI4 image supports Dual Supervsor per chasssis in VSS.



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Cisco VSS Dual Supervisor


Can you have redudant SUPs in only one of the VSS chassis?


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Re: Cisco VSS Dual Supervisor


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I haven't tried it, but since it's what you're left with if one of your quad sups fails, one would expect it to work.

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