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Cisco4507R-E with SUP6-E, X2-10GB-LR

System image file is "bootflash:cat4500e-entservicesk9-mz.150-2.SG4.bin"

NAME: "Converter 4/3", DESCR: "Converter Module"

PID: CVR-X2-SFP        , VID: V02  , SN:

NAME: "Linecard(slot 4)", DESCR: "Supervisor 6-E 10GE (X2), 1000BaseX (SFP) with 2 10GE X2 ports"

PID: WS-X45-SUP6-E     , VID: V05  , SN:

NAME: "TenGigabitEthernet4/2", DESCR: "10Gbase-ER"

PID: X2-10GB-ER        , VID: V04  , SN:

Can i use a X2-10GB-ER on the SUP6 port 1 and a CVR-X2-SFP on port 2 of the same slot?  the command hw-module

module 4 port-group 1 select tengigabitethernet seems to convert both ports on the slot/SUP to 10GB.


Re: Cisco4507R-E with SUP6-E, X2-10GB-LR

Hello Francis,

It all depends on the redundant architecture mode of your switch.

The figure below gives a summary of the possible configurations (page 2-30 from the Bordeless Campus design guide


1/ If you use a single Sup-6E then you should be able to mix 10G (in port group 1) and 2x 1G with twinGig converter (in port group 2). 

If you are using only one supervisor module, can you test using the command hw-module module 4 port-group 2 select gigabitethernet  (the default mode is 10G) and then insert the twinGig converter in the second port of the SUP-6E ?

2/ If you are in a redundant mode with 2 sups, either the by default the left-most ports are active & the right-most ports are INACTIVE (second scenario of the picture).

Or you can configure the switch in 'shared backplane mode' where all uplinks on the sup can be used (3rd scenario) => In conf t , hw-module uplink mode shared-backplane (reload is the necessary). In this mode all the ports on the same supervisor must be either 1G or 10G (oversubscribed 2:1 in 10G).

This link is also helpful =>

In which mode are you ?

Hope that helps.



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