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New Member

CLI for Network Traffic Information?

Hi I recently ran across a document on indicators to look for when measuring network performance. I know what commands to run for some of these but not for all. I'm curious what commands you would use to find these statistics. I provide the whole list here.

  1. No shared ethernet segments are saturated (no more than 40 percent network utilization)
  2. No WAN links are saturated (no more than 70 percent network utilization)
  3. The response time is generally less than 100 ms
  4. No segments have more than 20 percent broadcast or multicast
  5. No segments have more than one CRC error per million bytes of data
  6. On the Ethernet segments, less than 0.1 percent of the packets result in collisions
  7. The routers are not overutilizd (five minute CPU utilization of no more than 75%)
  8. The number of otput queue drops has not exceeded 100 in an hour on any router
  9. The number of input queue drops has not exceeded 50 in an hour on any router
  10. The number of buffer misses has not exceeded 25 in an hour on any router
  11. The number of ignored packets has not exceeded 10 in an hour on any interface on a router.

Specifically I'm looking for these on 7600 and 6500 series switches.

Thank you

Cisco Employee

CLI for Network Traffic Information?

You could do most of this with SNMP, if you polled every 60 minutes or even kept the default of every 5 minutes, you could monitor 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.  3 could be solved with IP SLA configured on the device and a responder on the opposite side, that could also be polled with SNMP.  4 and 5 are the more complicated because you're doing a calculation of traffic, so you would need to classify traffic into broadcast/multicast/unicast which you would have to do based on the destination address.  I really don't think you could do this with the normal show commands.  I'm thinking something like a SPAN session on the interface to a traffic analyzer would be the better bet.

New Member

CLI for Network Traffic Information?

Thanks Patrick. I have 5 by doing some math and taking show interface commands on the required links. 4 was one that had me baffeled and I may skip due to lack of access to the network. We are only to make due with what is there. Our SNMP report don't provide for all the options you listed and I'm not sure if we will be given access to them so I was looking for some command line alternatives. The only reports we get on SNMP tell us 1 and 2 right now. That's why I asked for CLI commands though I have forwarded a request to get more access to data on the SNMP monitor.

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