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Cloned Cisco 1941 can't see WAN, however Old 1941 can.

I'm wondering if anybody has ever encountered this kind of issue before. I have a 1941 that I got an RMA on. We'll call that Router A for easer of understanding. I have another router, Router B, which is also a 1941. 

I have cloned everything on Router B to be exactly the same as Router A and had a Cisco Engineer look over it through webex to be sure that the configuration on both was exactly as it should be. Router A's problem is that it's locking up and has to be rebooted every day by the client, ergo the changeover to Router B. 

The client's ISP is Comcast and currently Comcast is throwing the blame over to Router B being the problem because Comcast is... well... comcast. Anybody have any ideas as to why even though Router B is a clone of Router A, Router B can't connect to the WAN? 

The only difference between the two routers are the serial numbers and the MAC address. Could a mac address clone do the trick? Please help!


Sometimes ISPs use a security

Sometimes ISPs use a security feature to disable connection in case of a changing in mac-address.
Try to ask if COMCAST uses this option or try to set the old mac in new router using mac-address interface command:

Cisco(config-if)#mac-address 1111.2222.3333  


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