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CNA - Cisco Network Assistant. Requires crypto to use HTTPS

Just spec'ed a new switch and decided on the Catalyst Express 500 over the 29xx varieties. This is a good choice but the page that the switch is described on also describes this new CNA. Unfortunately CNA requires a K9, (crypto) version of the IOS to use it safely.

It took a few hours of my time and required reading half way through the user's manual to determine this. This limits the useability of the product and it would have been wise for Cisco to disclose this quickly.

The K9 images are expensive. Maybe using SNMPv3, with it's enhanced security would have been a more friendly choice.

Any comments from the CNA development community about the usability of CNA due to cost constraints of upgrading the install base of IOS units, as well as purchace price of K9? thx

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