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Combine 2 3750 stacks

Hi, i have 3 3750 stacks that I would like to combime into one. The stacks are in use and have interface level configurations such as switchport access vlan xxx.

My question is when I combine the stacks will the interface level configurations be lost?

Stack A has 3 switches and stack B has 4. The IOS is the same on both stacks. I understand that the stack B switches will become switches 4, 5, 6 and 7 when combined into the A stack.


Re: Combine 2 3750 stacks

You should not loose configuration, however make a backup of the configuration files on a tftp server just in case.

Your interfaces names will be renamed once it's stacked, but the config should stay.

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Re: Combine 2 3750 stacks

Let's say, for (violent) arguments sake, Stack "B" will be amalgamated into "A".

Provision in "A" the 4 switches in the right order you want and transfer the port configurations across.

Remove the config and power off the entire Stack "B" connect the cables as you see fit and power up each member of the stack in accordance to the heirarchy you want.

Make sure that stack "B" has the same IOS version and feature that of stack "A".

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