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Combining iSCSI and Network via VLAN's on 10GB

Hi All,

Traditional best practices is to separate iscsi and network switches onto their own switches. We are preparing to deploy Nexus 5596UP's for our switching fabric and move to 10gb. I have been giving serious consideration to combining iscsi and traditional network on the same set of switches, while using VLAN's to segregate the traffic and utilizing NCIO and SCIO with VMWare's VDS to QoS the traffic.

I have been searching for customers/white papers, tech briefing's, etc. that go into detail about experiences and results of this approach and have come relatively dry. Unfortunately I do not have the opportunity to vet such a configuration, so I am looking for community opinions on the viability of taking this approach.

I know the bandwidth is available to handle this. I also realize some of the caveats that come up as a result of such a configuration. Please understand, there would still be redundant switches to handle multipathing and link resilency. We have 28 hosts, 1200 VM's and about 120tb of data supporting our virtual environment, running on ESXi 5.x.

Looking forward to hearing from some of the experienced users in the community on why this approach would or would not be advisable. I do realize I left out some details, but in an effort to keep the original post shorter.

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