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Command for showing top port useage

On a switch is there a command to show the top active port? Just want to view which of the ports on the switch is the most active?


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Command for showing top port useage

Most of the time you would use SNMP for that. Using SNMP you can periodically request the interface counters and the difference between the value now and that of 5 minutes ago is the activity of the port over the last 5 minutes.

Most network monitoring systems can do this for you, however I do not know if they can sort the output for you. This depends on the tool you use.


Command for showing top port useage

Greetings Jeffrey,

To get a quick overview you could take a look at 'show interface counters' which includes input and output counters for each interface. By resetting these to zero with 'clear counters' and checking that output after some time you would get an indication of which interface is passing the most traffic.

Catalyst 6500 has a feature called 'TopN Reports' which automates and sorts this output for you.

If you're interesting in monitoring interface trends over a longer period of time rather than just at one moment,

SNMP is the way to go as Michael mentioned above.

Hope this helps,


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