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command to clear cell delineation on ATM int

Hi all,

sh controllers atm0/0/0

Interface ATM0/0/0 is up

Hardware is ATM AIM T1 connected to AIM slot 1

hwidb=0x4827B4A8, sardb=0x473B27FC

slot 0, unit 0, subunit 0

MXT5100 versions: Framework 0x3383, Utils 0x3383,

AAL5 0x3383, AAL2 0x3383, AAL1 0x3383,

IMA 0x3383, CS 0x3383, Frame 0x3383.

Current (mxt5100_t)sardb:

Ind_Q(0xF72CD00), Ind_Q_idx(116), Ind_Q_size(30000)

Cmd_Q(0xF727EA0), Cmd_Q_idx(348), Cmd_Q_size(20000)

Inpool(0xF6F1080), Inpool_size(4096)

Outpool(0xF6F20C0), Outpool_size(4096)

Localpool(0xF700000), Localpool_size(256)

StorBlk(0xF57D000), host_blk(0xF4E9E00), em_blk(0xF4E9EC0)

tx_buf_desc(0xF720E20), tx_free_desc_idx (1022)

MXT5100 sub_channel_mode is disabled

MXT5100 number of buffers in Inpool: 1024, Outpool 0

FPGA revision 0x20700F1

MXT5100 Port Info:

Port Number (0), Port ID (0xE05)

Interface Number (4), Interface ID (0x12E1)

Port Type CELL, Port Open Status SUCCESS

VCs configured (1)

Port counters: tx_cells 338903902, rx_cells 360517350,

rx_hec_errors 74184, rx_cell_validation_errors 58050

Cell delineation PRESENT

Times cell delineation has been lost 1050

MXT5100 Channel Info:

Channel Info (0):

Chan_ID (0xEA5), Open Status SUCCESS, VC(1)VPI/VCI(1/777),

Tx Ring packets(used/max 2/40), Tx SBD(used/max 2/40)

Tx PDU(11381), Tx PDU discard(0)

Tx SDU size err(0), Tx cell CLP0(110476), Tx cell CLP1(0)

Rx PDU(11328), Rx PDU discard(0), Rx SDU size err(0)

Rx CRC err(0), Rx cell CLP0(154683), Rx cell CLP1(3628)

i want to clear cell delineation and

rx_hec_errors 74184, rx_cell_validation_errors 58050


i used clear counter command that did not work is there any command which i can use to clear above errors?

many thanks



Re: command to clear cell delineation on ATM int


Try to clear the controller for the ATM interface.

clear controller atm0/0/0



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