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command to copy boot configuration

                   My C877 router has booted up to the rommon prompt. On trying to load the ios the file size is too large. To overcome this I have used the xmodem -r command to load into normal memory. The ios runs but I need to save the boot configuration so when it boots again it has the correct information. I keep on failing to achieve this. Any pointer would be appreciated.

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command to copy boot configuration

Can you post the output of "show version"

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command to copy boot configuration

Thank you for your reply. I can't cut and paste the details so I have manually written them!

Cisco IOS Software c870 software (c870-Advipservicesk9-m) version 15.1(4)m7, Release software fc2

ROm System bootstrap Version 12.3 (8r)YI6 Release software

Uptime 12 hours

System returned to rom by reload

Running default software

Last reload reason:reload command

Cisco 877W-M (MpC8272) processor 9revision4.0) with 236544K / 25600K bytes of memory

Processor board ID FHK1433705Q

MPC8272 CPU Rev: Part Number 0xC, Mask number 0x10

4 Fastethernet interfaces

1 ATM interface

1 Virtual Private network (VPN) module

1.802.11 Radio

128K bytes on non volatile configuration memory

28672 bytes of processor board system flash

configuration register is 0x2102

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command to copy boot configuration

870 routers support TFTPdnld.  This method is WAAAAY better than xmodem.

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