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Compact Flash for Cisco 2811 router

I am trying to source a 256mb compact flash card for a cisco 2811 router. Im not sure why the Cisco branded flash retails at around 400 pounds, expensive to say the least! Can anyone recommend a non Cisco branded card that is compatible with and cheaper than the Cisco flash, preferably a UK supplier if possible. Thanks in advance.


Re: Compact Flash for Cisco 2811 router

Just determine whether it uses a compact flash 1 or 2 card and you can use any $40 compact flash card , just format it before beginning. We got in a bind once and we used a camera compACT flash card it worked fine . If you look at some of the cisco disks they just use SANDISK compact flash modules. These cost like $30-40 here in the US not sure what that comes out to in UK money.

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Re: Compact Flash for Cisco 2811 router

Glen, thanks for your reply, I suspected you could use non branded just needed to make sure. Im not sure whether its type 1 or type 2 though, could anyone clarify? I know the difference is in the thickness of the cards but I dont have access to it due to it being at a remote site.

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