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Compatibility with APC Network Management


Having a very strange issue that seems to be related to a certain piece of Cisco Hardware,

i am using Network Management cards for UPS's on site and while i can get them to work absolutely fine using SUP 2+ 4506 cisco switches, when using a SUP 6L-E 4506 the UPS will not be found on the network at all, i can see the Mac Address in the address table but it doesn't pick up DHCP or can be found using a Static IP, i have minimalized the configuration so it only accesses the correct VLAN. I have tested the network management card on one of the other switches and it works perfectly straight away with the full port configuration!

I'm really at a loss at what else to try so i thought i would bring to the experts!

Thanks in advance.

the NMC is AP 9630 for a Smart UPS 3000

Community Member

Compatibility with APC Network Management

I am having the same issue with a 3750G switch.  I can connect directly to my laptop, use a static address on my laptop, and everything works fine.  When I connect to the 3750 with minimal configuration, I have the same issues.

Mac address shows up fine in ARP table, but no connectivity.

Let me know if you figure anything out.  APC support wasn't very helpful once I was able to communicate by bypassing the Cisco switch.


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