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Config erasing automatically on c500 and 2960 switches

Hi Guys,

               I have a scenario where 15 c500 switches and 5 2960 8 port switch connected to 4507R core switch. There are 10 dhcp pools created on the 4507.

Eg:   ip dhcp pool XXXX

        network xxxx.xxxxxxx

        default-router x.x.x.x

               Now the default router is directed to vlans created on the switch i.e vlan 101, 102, 103 and so on. Now the remaining switches connected are configured to be in the same vlan. So the systems connected to the edge switches will get the DHCP ip automatically, Now my problem is after sometime (may be 2 or 3 hrs) all the edge switches are losing configuration automatically even though it's not restarted, even after saving the config on to nvram, everytime I connect the console and check all the saved config is lost, really need urgent help on this.



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Config erasing automatically on c500 and 2960 switches


May sound silly but still very important: Did you check your TACACS logs to see if anyone login during this tome to these switches and do any changes? Especially I would recomend to pay serious attention to some scripts/applications maintaining your network. Those can connect and enforce particular config on the switches thus deleting smth which is not built in on them.

So this is the first step I would start with especially as issue happening simultaneously on different problem so hard to narow down that to particular bug.


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