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Config-Register 0x2102 problem

Have 2948G L3  running cat2949g-in-mz.120-25.W5.27b.bin

config register = 0x2102

I enter some config statements, then save via wr mem or copy runnng-config startup-config, then reload router...the config recovers.

But If I manually power cycle the router, I lose the config and I'm back at the System Config Dialog.  the show ver says:

Configuration register is 0x101 (will be 0x0 at next reload)

I also noticed that when I do the soft reload i get the "valid  NVRAM config" message but when I manually power cycle the router I get the "invalid NVRAM config" message. I've changed the config to 0x2142  reloaded and then  to 0x2102  and did a wr mem and then a reload but still running in to the same problem.  I have a 2nd 2948GL3 at config-register 0x2102 that has no issues at all. Any suggestions are welcome.

Cisco Employee

Re: Config-Register 0x2102 problem

config-register is a unique config command.  It actually does not require a write mem to take effect.  The config-register is a persistent rommon variable and is used to determine the boot sequence.  It should not change on power cycle or reload.  If this variable is changing on power cycle then I would suspect that something  is wrong with nvram or the storage area defined to hold rommon variables.   You probably will need to RMA the device.


David Aicher

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