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configuration issue

We currently have ntp sevrers defined in network as ip address, we need to change ntp server ip address and I though I would configure them in router and switches as their DNS name and then change the ip address in the server. When I go do that it shows still ntp with its ip address instead of a name and in Cisco 3560 it doesn't like ntp server <name>.

Any idea what could be wrong. I have dns server and ip domain-name is already defined.


Re: configuration issue

HI Nawas, [Pls Rate if HELPS]

If i am not wrong in understanding your question,

You required to Configure the new NTP Server and also would like to configure a DNS Server to for resolution.

>> Configure the NTP Server & initiate some interesting traffic for the Server (using PING)

>> Execute show NTP associations

>> ip domain-name

>> Check from your LAN Segment in some PC's whether the NSLOOKUP occurs for the domain-name.

>> So the ip domain-name should work

Pls clarify more on your question. Pls Rate if HELPS.

Best Regards,

Guru Prasad R

New Member

Re: configuration issue

No, this is not what I meant. I already have ntp and dns sever definied in my touers and switches. I need to replace ntp sevrer ip address configuration with its name for example I have

ntp server and I need to replace this with and Cisco 3560 doesn't like this command. I have Cisco 6509 with CatOS, they take the command but when i do show config it show ntp server instead of ntp



Re: configuration issue

That's because IOS resolves the name to the IP address and then stores the IP in the config. No way to change that. Your 3560 probably doesn't have 1) name servers defined or 2) has "no ip domain-lookup" configured.

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