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Configuration of 2600 Router

I am installing a 2600 Router, after configuring the router's fa0/0 for LAN with a private ip address and configure interface fa0/1 for WAN, the router cannot route packets from LAN to WAN. My ISP is using a modem that assigns dynamic private ip address to the WAN interface. I configured a static route on the router to use the WAN interface but the router could not still route the packets. Any idea on what else to configure.

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Re: Configuration of 2600 Router

Post your config and let us see if we can assist.

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Re: Configuration of 2600 Router

Do you have NAT configured properly for the LAN interface? You cannot route your private IP's to the service provider, everything must NAT to the dynamic IP you're getting from them.



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Re: Configuration of 2600 Router

If you post your configuration, it would be helpful. You can configure your outside as follows:

interface FastEthernet0/1

description WAN Interface

ip address dhcp

ip nat outside

ip virtual-reassembly

duplex auto

speed auto


ip http server

ip http secure-server

ip nat inside source list 101 interface FastEthernet0/1 overload


access-list 101 remark *** Allow PAT ***

access-list 101 permit ip any

Ensure you have "ip nat inside" on your inside interface. To ensure you're NAT'ing properly, run a "show ip nat translation" from the enable prompt. Also, run a "show ip int brief" and ensure you WAN interface is getting an IP address from the modem.

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