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Configure Archive on 6500 VSS

Good morning -

I am working on configuring the Archive command on 6509e VSS (VS40) and hit a snag that caused my slave 6509e to reload in rommon

Here is the config that caused this failure:

  path bootdisk:/config-archive/$t_$h_config

  maximum 5


  time-period 1440

After I did my copy run start the secondary slave detected a configuration mismatch and reloaded. I had to remove the code above and copy run start again in order to get matching configurations and VSS re-established.

I presume it has to do with the bootdisk command however I am trying to find the configuration example from or other VSS guide / Archive command guides without success.

Do I simply need to add 2 paths for the archive as such:

path bootdisk:/config-archive/$t_$h_config
path slavebootdisk:/config-archive/$t_$h_config

maximum 5


time-period 1440

And then copy run start?

I would try this but really would like it to be vetted as to avoid another slave failure.

Thank you for your input and assistance.

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Configure Archive on 6500 VSS

I have resolved this issue as follows:

The command path slavebootdisk:/config-archive/$t_$h_config did not work. However I was able to use my original configuration worked after I added the directory to the slavebootdisk.


mkdir bootdisk:/config-archive (already created as part of my first attempt)

mkdir slavebootdisk:/config-archive (missed in the first pass)

Once I added the slavebootdisk:/config-archive folder I was able to enable Archive on my 6509e VSS (VS40) devices.

Thank you for letting me brainstorm here and I hope this is of some help to somebody; sometime.

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