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configure port vlan on nexus 5k

i made a change to one port on the first nexus 5k to vlan 24 on port 102/1/45. but looks like i had to make the same change to the other nexus 5k.



why is that? is it because both ports are in a port channel?

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If your FEX is connected to 2

If your FEX is connected to 2 5ks, you need to configure both 5ks exacly the same, if not it will not work

so, configure 102/1/45 on both 5ks for vlan 24 and it will work.


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Adding to what Reza said, you

Adding to what Reza said, you can also set up a Configuration Synchronization on the 5Ks so that you only need to enter the command on one switch and it applies it to both.

Cisco Employee

Hi Tony, Is that N2K FEX dual

Hi Tony,


Is that N2K FEX dual homed to two Nexus 5Ks?

Also is vlan 24 a vpc vlan? 

 if it is, the yes you have to configure both parent switches with the same configurations . 

You can also do config-sync but i suggest you just manually hardcode both ports in the N5Ks.


Jay Ocampo

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