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Configure privilege Level


I`ve a problem with the configuration of privilege levels on the Cat3550. I want configure the command "interface range fastethernet 0/1 - 48" for specific privilege level. I?ve configure the command

#privilege configure level 5 interface range

The user can insert the command but not 0/1 - 48 (following output

(config)#interface range fastEthernet 0/1 ?


I hope everybody can help me.




Re: Configure privilege Level

I also had problems getting this to work. One workaround I found was to define an interface range macro then make this priv 5.

define interface-range TEST fastEthernet 0/1 - 48

privilege configure level 5 interface range macro TEST

Re: Configure privilege Level

This sounds something interesting, can you tell me the complete configuration, the above posted configuration i couldn't understand exactely.

Re: Configure privilege Level

Sure, This config is for a 3550 switch but is likely to work on other IOS switches.

setup a user and password with priv5 level and set vty for login local(below)

username cisco privilege 5 password 0 cisco

line vty 0 15

login local

then define the interface range macro, this is only an example so does not have to be all 48 ports(below)

define interface-range TEST fastEthernet 0/1 - 48

then set the priv level of the macro to 5.In addition you'll also have to set config to priv 5 (below).

privilege exec level 5 configure

privilege configure level 5 interface range macro TEST

You'll also need to alter the priv of any other interface specific commands to allow administrators to configure the relevant ports(example for portfast below)

privilege interface level 5 spanning-tree portfast

hope this helps!

Re: Configure privilege Level

thanks a lot i know the privilege exec level 5 & 15, but for an interface i was not aware, so thankz a lot certainly i will & i need 2 rate the post.

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