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Configuring backup interfaces.

I have two routers one in the headquarters office and another one in another company.These will be used to exchange data between servers. Except from an x21 connection (serial) which will be used to connect the two routers they want on one ethernet interface to connect to a gprs system provided by vodafone for backup purposes (in case x21 fails).Which is the best way to configure the routers especially the failover procedure?Thanks in advance.


Re: Configuring backup interfaces.

you can configure default routes to go out from your network. primary default route will be out of serial interface and backup static route out of your ethernet interface with higher administrative distance.

ip route s0

ip route e0 200

since ethernet route has higher admnistrative distance than serial route, routing table will install serial route. If serial interface goes down, than ethernet interfcae route will be installed in the routing table, hence traffic will failover to the backup link.

once primary comes up, traffic will again failover to the primary link.

hope it helps ... rate if it does ....

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Re: Configuring backup interfaces.

Thank you very much. This seems that will do the case.

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