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Configuring Cisco 2950 switch

I have the uphill task of configuring few cisco 2950 switch.infact 3 of them.One will be configured as the core switch where couple of servers and the telecom link will be connected.Out of the other two one will be for printers and the other is for users.Our compnay is going to invest a bit on IT for future switches for printers and the one for users should run off the core switch.

I know that the switch should be configured with the console cable connected to my laptop.I have no idea how to get it done.But I like to do this job myself.If you can give me some instructions it will be much appreciated or if you have a video created that would be ideal.


Re: Configuring Cisco 2950 switch

Here is the whole configuration guide on how to do things . Your first task is to get the console connection working . If your laptop has a serial db9 connector use that ,if not then you will have to invest in a USB to serial (db9) adaptor whichs runs of a usb port and get that working .You can use hyperterm or download something better like tera Term off the web for free. Your terminal emulator needs to be set for 9600,8,n,1 for your speed settings and then follow the user guide for what you want to do .Thats really all we can tell you at this point , as you can see you can do a lot of things if you glance thru the user guides it depends on what you want to do.How you are going to route between your switches (you will need a layer2/3 switch or a router to do this end of it . Any other questions post back and we will try to help.

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