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Configuring QoS on 2811

Cisco 2811

Version 12.4(3g)

I have a Cisco 2811 connected via T1 to an MPLS Network.

I have an issue where a data replication between job between two SANS which sends traffic over the MPLS connection is swamping the connection and causing issues with voice traffic.

What I would like to do to consider the bandwidth of the MPLS circuit as a pool and give certain applications access to guaranteed percentages of that when they need them.

So Voice might be guaranteed 30% and Video 30% with everything else using whatever bandwidth is available but always being given a lower priority than voice and video.

For the san replication traffic I would like to give it a very low priority - so all voice video and general traffic would rank above it for access to the bandwidth but it could use 100% of the bandwidth when all other applications were idle (at night & weekends).

I can define the different types of traffic by IP address: is voice is video is general traffic (PC's etc) is the SAN which replicates.

Any suggestions would be great.


Re: Configuring QoS on 2811

First things first. Does your MPLS provider honor QoS? If yes, do they look at CoS or DSCP? What queues limits have you purchased?

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Re: Configuring QoS on 2811

Does your MPLS network have just two end-points or are there multiple connections to MPLS cloud and anywhere-to-anywhere traffic is possible? If the latter, you'll want to implement QoS based on what the MPLS vendor provides. If the former (one p-2-p), you can easily configure QoS on a 2811 to do want you want using CBWFQ.


Is the video real-time like video conferencing or streaming video?

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