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Configuring Reverse SSH Terminal Server


I  have a cisco router configured as a terminal server. The router has an async module. I can telnet to the router by using the async port number (say 2065)instead of port 23 and ther router redirects me out line 65 and I have a connection. I can do this multiple times and have many windows open and it works great in a lab environment for learning or a production network for remote ot of band access.

I would like to make the lab accessible over the Internet using the same method except I would like to use SSH instead for security reasons. It seems that with SSH I can do the same thing for example from a unix box I can type ssh x.x.x.x -p 2065 and I get connected through to the port/line65.

The router I have configured as a terminal server is configured for SSH and it excepts my connection. When I enter show line, I can see that line 65 is in use which is me sshing to the line. But then I get no response, when I use telnet I do get a response. Is there a specific config I have to have in the terminal server router in order to use ssh? Outside of the basic ssh config? May be some more commands on the lines??

If anyone can share a document or has some tips it would be much appreciated.


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