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Configuring two Catalyst 3750 to work with checkpoint cluserxl

Hi I have trouble configuring the cisco switch to work with checkpoint clusterxl technology, using a crossover cable to both checkpoint fw sync interfaces works fine, but using two cisco switch with vlan does not work, any config suggestions to do in the cisco switch ?

my config is simple

switch 1 port 24 = trunk

switch 2 port 24 = trunk

switch 1 port 2 = vlan222 connect to FW1 synch interface

switch 2 port 2 = vlan222 connect to FW2 synch interface


Re: Configuring two Catalyst 3750 to work with checkpoint cluser

By default, all layer 2 ports are in dynamic desirable mode, so the layer 2 port tries to form a trunk link and sends out DTP packets to the remote device. When a layer 3 interface is connected to a layer 2 switchport, it is not able to interpret these frames, which results in the input errors. use switchport nonegotiate command to avoid any negotiation.

In order to resolve this, change the mode of the switch port to static access or trunk as per your requirement.

Switch2(config)#int fa1/0/12

Switch2(config-if)#switchport mode access

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