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Configuring VSS on Catalyst 4500 Supervisor 8-E

I am trying to configure VSS between two Catalyst 4510R+E chassis that are equipped with dual Supervisor 8e blades, all running enterprise services licenses. I have configured SSO and NSF on both chassis, but when I get to the step to configure the virtual switch domain, I'm unable to proceed any further. I'm only able to get the following output:

Switch(config)#switch virtual ?

% Unrecognized command

According to the VSS setup documentation, I should be able to input switch virtual domain <#> at this point to configure the virtual domain for VSS.

I'm guessing that the problem is the IOS version that the supervisor engines are running, which is 3.3.0XO. I know on the Supervisor 7-E blades, IOS version 3.4.0SG or higher is required to run VSS.

Can anyone confirm whether or not 3.3.0XO supports VSS? Cisco's data sheet states that the 8-E supports VSS, but the release notes are rather vague:

If 3.3.0XO does not support VSS, can anyone confirm whether or not 3.4.0SG is supported on the Supervisor 8-E?


Configuring VSS on Catalyst 4500 Supervisor 8-E

Hello George,

The version of code you are currently running  (03.03.00.XO) is currently the only version available for the Sup8-E. At this time, VSS is not supported on the Sup8, but will be added in a future release.

Here is a link to the release notes for 03.03.00.XO where this limitation is explained in



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Cisco has released 3.6.0 last

Cisco has released 3.6.0 last week, can somebody please confirm if VSS is supported on Sup 8e with this long awaited release?

I need to know this urgently as my client is requiring this feature since so long.

Best Regards,


Cisco Employee

IOS-XE 3.6.0 does support VSS

IOS-XE 3.6.0 does support VSS on Sup8 - Please make sure to upgrade the rom before attempting to upgrade the sup.


 ROM version = 15.1(1r)SG4




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Thanks Luke,But the newly

Thanks Luke,

But the newly released IOS is 3.6E not XE.3.6.0 

Are these both IOS same?



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