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connect HP access point to cisco switch

i am trying to configure my HP 420 access point. I have configure different  SSID on it,

This access point is connected to cisco 4500 switch, i have configure trunk on up link to  access point.

my problem is the client are not able to get an IP address form the correct vlan if i tagged the SSID to it.


in the following the output of show run int in cisco 4500 switch:

interface GigabitEthernet3/13

description ==== HP ACCess point ====

switchport trunk allowed vlan 99,130,132

switchport mode trunk

switchport nonegotiate

her is the HP Access point configuration

HP ProCurve Access Point 420#sh system

System Information


Serial Number         : AP Ser

System Up time        : 0 days, 0 hours, 31 minutes, 34 seconds

System Name           : OT1

System Location       :

System Contact        : Contact

System Country Code   : OM - OMAN

MAC Address           : AP Mac

IP Address            : AP IP add

Subnet Mask           :

Default Gateway       :

VLAN State            : ENABLED(Static VLAN ID)

Management VLAN ID(AP): 99 (T)

IAPP State            : ENABLED

DHCP Client           : DISABLED

HTTP Server           : ENABLED

HTTP Server Port      : 80

HTTPS Server          : DISABLED

HTTPS Server Port     : 443

Slot Status           : 802.11g

Radio Status          : Enabled

Software Version      : v2.1.5

SSH Server            : DISABLED

SSH Server Port       : 22

Telnet Server         : ENABLED

Max Telnet Session    : 4

Serial Port           : ENABLED

Reset Button          : ENABLED

SSID Number Supported : 8



connect HP access point to cisco switch


how looks a "sh int trunk" on the cisco ? and maybe the whole config from the AP, I see no SSID, vlan mapping there?



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