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Connect to switch loopback address


I have a loopback address on swich A, also switch A connects to switch B through a trunk.  Switch B has 3 SVI vlans that are routed thru eigrp.  What I want to do is connect to switch A to loopback IP address. I tried a static route but did not work can connect to loopback address.  The config for switch A is loopback address is On swich B one switch SVI address is and eigrp  routes thru network  Can I use a static route from loopback address to SVI address I tried that did not work. I just want to configure something only on switch A to connect  to loopback address for management, any suggenstions what will work and with what switch commands?



Re: Connect to switch loopback address

  I would do this ,  just trunk the vlan on switch B  which is over to switch A .  Create a SVI on "A" with an address in this vlan  and point the default gateway  to .  This will be your management address for Switch A.   Unless you are running a dynamic routing protcol (EIGRP) on "A"  then using the loopback doesn't really make sense. If you do this you wouldn't have to mess with static routes , just make the SVI and config the default gateway or default static route pointing to

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Connect to switch loopback address

I am not fully understanding the environment that you describe and so do not fully understand your issue. But based on what I think that I do understand it seems to me that it should be possible to configure a host specific static route on switch B that would allow you to connect to the loopback on switch A, assuming that switch A has an IP address other than the loopback which is reachable from switch B. If this does not seem to adequately address your question then please provide clarification of your question.



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