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connecting 2900 with internal switch to other switches

Hi all,

I have the following issue:

We have a 2911 with an optional 8 port PoE switch module, this means that I have physicaly 3 router ports and 8 PoE switch ports.

The 2911 routers serves as the default gateway.

There are also some other 3560 and 2960 swithches (all non PoE) witch need to connect to the 2911.

The IP subnet situation is rather simple, 1 VLAN,, probably more to come in the future, so all switchports(2911, 3560, 2960) are in this vlan.

This is how it is connected today:


gi0/0 => uplink to other network

switchmodule 0/0/0 => to 3560 (2960s are connected to this switch)

VLAN1 is configured with the default gateway for my internal network on the 2911

This works as disired.

My only problem is that i need to give up one PoE port for connecting to my switch infrastructure.

I would rather use one of the 2 remaining router ports to connect to the 3560.

Anny sugestions on this?

Since I cant assign an IP address on VLAN1 and have an IP address on the same subnet on gi0/1 on the 2911.

Or is my existing solution the only way to go?

Thanks in advance

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