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Connecting a nortel and cisco switch on an L3 link

I want to connect a Cisco L3 switch to a Nortel L3 switch on a Layer 3 link.

I want 2 links between them for redundancy.

If i create a VLAN on the cisco switch and and put the 2 ports conencting to nortel on this vlan & assign an IP to the SVI, what configuration would be required on the nortel side for this?

If it had been a single link, i would have configured the cisco port as routed and created a vlan/IP on the nortel and assigned this port to the vlan and used static routing.

Does anyone have any idea about configuring this type of setup?


Cisco Employee

Re: Connecting a nortel and cisco switch on an L3 link


You want the trunk links between the switches or the normal access links.

If you want it to be on the same vlan, my Idea would be to create an ether-channel on the links using LACP and have them assign to the same vlan .You can then create the SVI on the switch and your intervlan traffic will be routed through that.

You can also create all the ports as L-3 ports between the switch and use static routing.

Depending on which method you want to use,On nortel switch you have to just create the same VLAN which will be on the Cisco switch or just create the L3 interface.

If you are connecting using the L2 interface make sure that you have the same STP or compatible STP working between the switch.If nortel is using CST i.e normal STP, make sure that you have atleast PVST+ enabled on the cisco switch.

HTH,Please rate if it does.

-amit singh

Re: Connecting a nortel and cisco switch on an L3 link

As i have posted, i want them to be Layer 3 links.

These are 2 different units and i dont want any vlans propogating across them.

I dont know how to create L3 port on the nortel switch.

Hence i think i need to use a routed port at cisco side and just create a vlan on the nortel switch and route the traffic.

Let me know if there is any better way to achieve this.


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